AIA Analysis: Section-by-Section Review of America Invents Act with Cross-References

The American Invents Act contains 37 sections.  The sections vary greatly in relative length, importance and generality.  For example, Section 3 makes a fundamental change in the priority principle by substituting a “first inventor to file” principle for the historic “first to invent” principle.  In contrast, Section 24 names the new Detroit satellite office of the Patent and Trademark Office.

The substantive amendments to the patent statutes  made by the AIA are best understood against the background of existing law.  Attached is a draft section on the AIA, organized section-by-section.  For each section, it analyzes the changes in the Patent Act made by the AIA and their impact, together with cross references to discussions of the affected subject area in the Chisum on Patents treatise.  The AIA Analysis is here:  AIAOverview